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Runaround of the souls.
Part One. Runaround of the souls.
Chapter I. Strange dream.

    When I still lived in a world of living among the people, and I thought that the most amazing things in the world - fireworks and mutual love, my mind was shocked by one phrase of my friend.
    – You did not think of, – he said (I thought a he's man like myself), – that everything that happens in the world can happen only for you, for something happened in your life, changed, started or ended?
    Although this phrase shook my consciousness, I, nevertheless, reacted to it with humor. Well, how can some world event happen for me? After all, I was not some politician or a major businessman. Frankly, I could not even find a job after graduation.
But first things first.

    My story began even earlier than this autumn evening, when I was destined to be born in the world of the living, but I'll start my story here.
    This evening, I born at this point in the center of Vladivostok. This moment was late autumn, but this dark night was unbearably hot, as if there was something unnormal. This, in fact, occurred. It has nothing to do with my birth. As mentioned earlier, I quietly come into being in the central part of the city, when two strangers (as yet unknown to me members of my life) appeared the edge of the city.

    This hot autumn night when people are asleep in bed, reading a books or watching a movie on TV, unknown force enters in the city, it suddenly began to create their own rules. Feelings of anxiety and fear crept into some of the citizens, the owners and guests which suddenly saw a strange dream, as if they are drowning in an icy lake, and black birds fly above the lake, the water spewing blood and bile. And the wild cries of the birds stir up the situation of impending doom; and something pulled into a black abyss.
    From this dream woke one of the residents. He rubbed forehead, scratched his neck and decided to head to the kitchen for water. But in the refrigerator was nothing to quench their thirst, and water faucet croaked and stalled.
    – Empty! – said a voice behind him. It was the sister of the man. She walked around the table and looked at the moths circling around a lantern, she sighed and continued, – water today will not. Accident in the city.
    – Stuffiness, – he said, trying not to drop a cigarette from the mouth. Sister lit a cigarette, white smoke erupted from mouth and disappeared into the night.
    – Somehow anxiety on the soul, – the girl whispered. – I don't know. Maybe something to drink?
    – Can you go to the store for mineral water?
    – Absolutely no desire to go anywhere.
    – I 'll pay you some money if you go to the store.
Sister cute smile and narrowed eyes come around to brother, took from his hands money and said:
    – A young defenseless girl go on the night for mineral water. Absolutely alone. Do you think this is normal?
    He shrugged, put out his cigarette in the ashtray and sat down at the table. The sister shook her head, but, nevertheless, decided to do the will of his brother. Girl quickly walked away from the apartment.
    She came out on the porch and looked around. Not a body to be seen, only the high lights illuminating the bench and part of the track to the store. Girl thought about the fact that it was a good idea to buy pepper spray, and went forward.
    – I need to go faster, - she whispered to herself, – I don't want to meet any maniac.
Apparently, the thought (that she so carefully distilled off) was material. Someone grabbed her arm and pulled to him. At this moment, the heart ached so much that time in the eyes of the girl slowed. She turned abruptly and looked at her abuser. He was unshaven, middle-aged man, who smelt like he had not bathed in a couple of months. Chance to resist it almost was not. She tried to scream, but nothing came of it. Following this was followed by a blow in the face from which the victim fell to the ground. The man immediately began to remove her clothes. Girl opened her eyes and saw a man behind a stranger dressed in black with glowing red eyes.

    Immediately I hasten to inform you that it was the one who play in my life is not unimportant role, the one who will soon tell me the phrase about events in the world and my life.

    – Oh, gosh! Why do such people exist? – he asked with interest.
    The man, without taking your hands off the girl, turned to the stranger and looked at his pale face. The stranger put out his hand, looking out the wide sleeves (it should be noted that the uniform was pretty outlandish, from the wide sleeves of his cloak peeking hand in a skin-tight sleeve and glove, and, incidentally, the whole uniform was sewn from a single material, but do not be distracted) slightly touched the man's head and examined it. The man felt a wild cold, in response to sharply hit the stranger's hand.
    – Get out from here, kid! – shout man. But the stranger didn't listen him. He stroked black hair first, and then scratched his neck.
    – Do not be shy, – said the stranger. – I just want to watch.
    The man was angry because of the obsession stranger, pulled out a gun and took a shot directly into his face. Stranger clutched his face, as if washing with cold water, and spat the bullet and the black liquid (it is his blood). Trace from a shot at the pale face was not observed.
    – Damn you! - growled the stranger. At this point, the man experienced a wild fear, and after excruciating pain, shot a bullet in the head. Blood splattered on the girl, she shook her head as if trying to wake up from obsessive illusions, jumped to his feet and ran.
    – Well, for what the whole scene? – asked the second stranger in a white uniform, sitting on the bench.
    Black stranger kicked the dead body of a man, looked at his partner, and then headed to the bench.
    – For what, yah? – replied to a question. – Saved the lives of the little girl.
    – You promised that we just walk around the human's places, have a look at all sorts of crazy people. Instead, you are grossly violated their fate! You're putting us at risk.
    – What are you boring.
    – You killed him! We were accused of this. If they come for me, I talk about you.
    – To begin with, I did not kill him. He did it.
    – Not without your help, Lobsel Vis!
    – This is, firstly, - went on to say black stranger, despite the panic of his partner. - Secondly, the killing of some bag of garbage, I saved hundreds of lives.
    – Hundreds of fates that we have changed.
    – And thirdly, Rabel, do not come to me so near. I don't want your freckles from your face jump on my face.
    Rabel rolled his eyes, grabbed dark hair and tried to count to ten. Lobsel Vis slyly smiled, shook his head and said that it is time to leave.

    If I knew how the two of them changed my life. But, anyway, nothing don't change yet, because what will have to happen soon, already destined to me, and does not escape from it.
Continuing my story happened a little more than two decades.
I finally found the time to learn English. To do this, I began to translate my book. My English is very bad. Really. I apologize for that.

The first chapter of the first book

Synopsis of the book:
Protagonist VS. eight devils and their worlds.

Thank you.

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